Gannon University is among the ten largest employers in the City of Erie and the 12th-largest in Erie County. That fact alone speaks to the economic impact of the University in terms of wages, payroll taxes paid, purchases and other measurements. However, the University is also a driver of innovation and economic development, a responsibility that is enthusiastically embraced.


Impact of Employment

The University is one of the region’s largest employers, providing family-sustaining jobs for 1,587 persons (663 full-time, 924 part-time). Jobs in education and health care are seen as among the most desirable for communities hoping to build an economy for the 21st century.

Investment in current capital projects injected $16.4 million into the economy in the form of purchases, contracts awarded, employment in construction and allied trades, as well as professional services. These investments created a multiplier effect by spurring investment and growth among companies, professions and other entities who are the direct beneficiaries of these investments.

Gannon University’s contribution to the economy is supplemented by over $27.3 million in annual contracts awarded to local vendors. This money stays in the community providing employment, payroll, and state and local tax revenue as well as other economic and social benefits

Fourteen local high school students earned over $18,000 through the Summer Jobs and More (J.A.M.) program for Erie County. Beyond the direct economic impact to the community, the students learned soft skills that will prepare them to enter the workforce.

Of students graduating during the 2015-16 Academic Year, 91% are employed or continuing their education across the nation and world. Nearly 200 of those graduates are employed within the Erie metro area with local companies such as UPMC Hamot, Erie Insurance, City of Erie School District and LORD Corporation.

Impact of Economic Development

The Erie Technology Incubator (ETI) is engineering the future of the Erie economy. ETI helped to create 22 jobs and five new companies throughout the 2016-17 Fiscal Year and now serves 28 members, with 18 of those members maintaining offices in Gannon’s Center for Business Ingenuity and 10 being served on a virtual basis.

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Gannon University provided consulting hours to 533 companies in Erie, Crawford, Mercer and Warren Counties, and helped companies and entrepreneurs receive over $22.2 million in capital formation. With support from SBDC employees, 43 new companies were created.

Impact on Economy

Through the GU Gold program, Gannon students and employees supported 30 local businesses through purchases of goods and services in excess of $569,000.

Employee compensation injected $61.5 million into the local economy. This contribution was leveraged by the amount of state and local income tax revenue supported by the University’s payroll, and by economic multiplier effects derived from the spending generated by employees that supports local businesses, charities and professionals.

Gannon University took a bold step in the direction of community and economic revitalization in the West Bayfront neighborhoods of Erie by spearheading and providing seed money and in-kind services to the Our West Bayfront (OWB) organization. OWB’s mission is to enhance the quality of life in these neighborhoods by promoting civic involvement, thoughtful development, historical preservation and neighborhood pride.

Impact of Philantrophy

820 local high school juniors and seniors received $2.5 million in reduced tuition costs and earned 4,061 college credits through Gannon’s Dual Enrollment Program.

Acting on its responsibility to serve the community in which it is located, the University contributed $4,573,983 to support community initiatives.

Impact on Service

Dedicated to ensuring safety on campus and in its surrounding neighborhoods, Gannon’s Campus Police and Safety officers and security guards assisted with approximately 70 calls not related to the University, providing uncompensated first responder services to the community.

The University’s significant human and intellectual capital is mobilized to stimulate business growth, open dialogue in the community, aid education systems, preserve the environment and increase the community’s overall quality of life. The value of this through Gannon’s service and direct financial contributions in support of community organizations and initiatives exceeded $3 million for the fiscal year.

Gannon University student-athletes donated the equivalent of over $135,000 in service hours during the 2016-17 academic year and raised over $12,000 for various charities such as Make-A-Wish and the Second Harvest Food Bank.