As the 2017 fiscal year came to a close, the sun also set on Gannon University’s 2013-2017 Strategic Plan. Our plans continue as we transition into the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan.

What’s new? That is a salient question at Gannon University. We aim to make the resources–human, intellectual and technological–of our diverse University relevant and accessible to communities within the University as well as regionally, nationally and globally. The power of originality is the engine that drives us.

Embedded in the word community is another word: unity. As an urban University, we are formed and inspired by the communities in which we serve. inasmuch as Gannon University was conceived by Archbishop John Mark Gannon in the spirit of service to the community, that spirit animates and inspires us daily.

To prepare the leaders of the 21st Century, Gannon University must deepen its knowledge about the dynamics and discoveries shaping the future, wherever that knowledge can be found. With a worldwide network of alumni, partner universities and, increasingly, students, Gannon University’s vision is far-seeing.

Gannon University is among the ten largest employers in the City of Erie and the 12th-largest in Erie County. That fact alone speaks to the economic impact of the University in terms of wages, payroll taxes paid, purchases and other measurements. However, the University is also a driver of innovation and economic development, a responsibility that is enthusiastically embraced.


2016-2017 Revenue

2016-2017 Revenue

  • Tuition and Fees, net of scholarships 65%
  • Federal, State and Private Grants 3%
  • Contributions 10%
  • Auxiliary Enterprises 13%
  • Other 9%

2016-2017 Expenses

2016-2017 Expenses

  • Compensation 64%
  • Operating Expenses 25%
  • Interest 2%
  • Depreciation 6%
  • Auxiliary Enterprises 3%

Expenses By Function

Expenses By Function

  • Instruction and Research 53%
  • Public Service 2%
  • Student Services 19%
  • Institutional Support 16%
  • Auxiliary Enterprises 10%
Revenue 2015‑16 2016‑17
Tuition and Fees, net of scholarships $69.1$66.7
Federal, State and Private Grants 3.62.7
Contributions 3.710.5
Auxiliary Enterprises 12.813.1
Other 0.79.0
Total $89.9$102.0
Expenses 2015‑16 2016‑17
Compensation $57.0$61.7
Operating Expenses 19.424.6
Interest 2.22.4
Depreciation 6.05.5
Auxiliary Enterprises 2.52.7
Total $87.1$96.9
Expenses By Function 2015‑16 2016‑17
Instruction and Research $41.1$51.2
Public Service 2.01.7
Student Services 17.918.2
Institutional Support 16.416.0
Auxiliary Enterprises 9.79.8
Total $87.1$96.9
Use of Funds 2015‑16 2016‑17
Student Scholarships $37.3$39.1
Capital Spending 11.316.4
Debt Retirement 2.32.3
Endowment Activities 1.81.2
Total $52.7$59.0
Value of Endowment $56.6$60.2

all values in millions of dollars

The conclusion of the Strategic Plan 2013-2017 offers an opportunity to take stock of the University and its progress. From our overall direct economic impact on the region to the personal impact on the lives of our students, families and communities in which we serve, Gannon University is a leader among those making positive strides toward our societal future. Among our measurable strategic goals, the following key performance indicators provide insight into the Plan’s most salient aspects. We reflect on all that has been accomplished toward the goals set forth in the 2013-17 Plan, and look confidently toward the future of Gannon University as we continue this momentum.

It’s axiomatic that measurement can shape strategic decision-making. These measurements provide a dashboard by which sound decisions can be made, and they chart the progress of an institution that aspires to value and vitality.
2006 2016 2017
Total Students 3,815 4,343 4,149
Undergraduate Enrollment 2,675 3,098 3,076
Graduate Enrollment 1,140 1,245 1,073
International Enrollment 6% 16% 11%
Minority Enrollment 6% 10% 11%
Freshman GPA 3.3 3.6 3.5
Freshman SAT 1033 1026 1034
Retention (First to Second Year) 81% 78% 85%
Graduation Rates/4-Year 48% 51% 47%
Graduation Rates/5-Year 63% 63% 62%
Honors and Scholars Program Students 163 241 272
Student-to-Faculty Ratio 14:1 13:1 13:1
Student-Athletes 348 539 579
Students in Gannon Housing 1,158 1,174 1,250
Student Community Service Hours 51,057 74,176 72,895
Employed after Graduation or Continuing Education: Undergraduate 2 91% 91% 91%
Employed after Graduation or Continuing Education: Graduate 2 97% 94% 97%
Students Graduated 3 905 1,168 1,152
Alumni Graduates 4 34,430 43,462 44,453
2Effective in 2016 and corresponding comparison years, the methodology was adjusted by Career and Employment Services to include all students who are substantively employed or continuing their education.
3Prior to the IPEDS 2012 completions submission, degrees awarded was reported. All data from 2012 forward reflects number of unique degree recipients.
4Measure was redefined by Advancement Services to include degree, certificate and non-degree alumni over time.

Most Rev. Lawrence T. Persico, J.C.L. •
Bishop of Erie Diocese
Erie, Pa.

Thomas C. Guelcher ’62, ’76M
Vice Chairperson
Risk/Properties Director
Sisters of Mercy
Erie, Pa.

Mark J. Minnaugh ’81
Retired Executive VP
Giant Eagle, Inc.
Allison Park, Pa.

Keith Taylor, Ph.D. •
Gannon University
Erie, Pa.

Robert P. Barker ’72
Retired Executive
Parker Aerospace
Laguna Niguel, Calif.

Candace (Horton) Battles ’93
Retired Social Worker
Harborcreek Youth Services
Erie, Pa.

Richard E. Beattie ’92
Mechanical Engineering & Construction Corporation (MEC2)
Phoenix, Md.

Rev. Msgr. Robert L. Brugger
St. George Church
Erie, Pa.

Walter W. Cooper `85, `87M
Chief Executive Officer
Matrix Medical Network
Odessa, Fl.

Gregory Czarnecki ‘89 •
Executive Director
Wild Resource Conservation Program
President, Gannon University Alumni Association
Hershey, Pa.

Tina M. (Cicchetti) Donikowski ’85
Retired Vice President
GE Transportation Systems
Erie, Pa.

Sr. Mary Drexler, S.S.J. ’71VMC
Villa Maria Academy
Erie, Pa.

Dana M. (Kennedy) Fallon ’91
Alumni Director
George Mason University School of Law
Arlington, Va.

Gwendolyn M. (Ralph) Garbarino, Esq. ’82
Vice President and General Counsel
Alexander, Garbarino, Neely and Hindman
State College, Pa.

James E. Gehrlein ’72
Retired Executive
Area President, National City Bank
Erie, Pa.

Amanda M. Granata
Gannon University Student Government Association
Erie, Pa.

Brigadier General Timothy J. Hilty `81
Assistant Adjutant General
Army, Pennsylvania National Guard
Lebanon, Pa.

Rev. Scott Jabo, Ph.D.
Cathedral Prep/Villa Maria Academy
Erie, Pa.

Scott M. Krall ’84 •
Head of Corporate Environmental Governance
Bayer Corporation
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Urban J. LaRiccia ’59
Private Investor
Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.

Thomas J. Loftus ’56, ’74M
Retired Business Executive
Lord Corporation
Erie, Pa.

Msgr. Edward M. Lohse ‘84
Episcopal Vicar
Canonical Services Diocese of Erie
Erie, Pa.

Rev. John Malthaner ’91
St. Luke's Parish
Erie, Pa.

Rev. T. Shane Mathew ’01
Venango Catholic High School
Oil City, Pa.

Pierre McCormick ’79
Retired President
Wisconsin Distributors, LLC
Erie, Pa.

Susan M. Nedza, M.D. ’80
Chief Medical Informatics Officer
MPA Healthcare Solutions
Hinsdale, Ill.

Richard G. Orlando, M.D. ’76
Columbus Ophthalmology
Dublin, Ohio

Thomas F. Power, Jr. ’63
Retired Business Executive
Wisconsin Central Transportation Corporation
Green Oaks, Ill.

Rev. Nicholas Rouch, S.T.D., ’83
Vicar for Education
Diocese of Erie
Erie, Pa.

James J. Rutkowski, Jr. ’83
General Manager/Treasurer
Industrial Sales and Manufacturing, Inc.
Erie, Pa.

Anjali Sahay, Ph.D. •
Associate Professor, Department of Political, Legal and International Studies
President, Gannon University Faculty Senate
Erie, Pa.

James A. Scozzie, Ph.D. ’65
Retired Business Executive
Painesville, Ohio

Christopher B. Snyder ’81
Co-founder and CEO
Spectrum Direct
Erie, Pa.

Antoinette Spevetz, M.D. ’83
Professor of Medicine
Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
Oxford, Pa.

James F. Toohey, Esq. ’56
Quinn, Buseck, Leemhuis, Toohey & Kroto Inc.
Erie, Pa.

Margaret A. (Rothgery) VanderLaan ’89
Highlands Ranch, Colo.

Sr. Mary Ann White, S.S.J. •
Sisters of Saint Joseph of Northwestern Pennsylvania
Erie, Pa.

William M. Zeitler ’69
Retired Business Executive
Jamestown, R.I.

• Ex-officio Members

Gannon is a Catholic, Diocesan university dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship and service. Our faculty and staff prepare students to be global citizens through programs grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and professional specializations. Inspired by the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, we offer a comprehensive, values-centered learning experience that emphasizes faith, leadership, inclusiveness and social responsibility.