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An international approach to teaching can be a significant catalyst to improve the lives of Gannon University’s students, staff and faculty, but also people around the world, via research, discovery and dissemination of knowledge and innovation. Our goal is to provide globally excellent and internationally relevant teaching, research and knowledge transfer in an intentional, reciprocal and committed way.

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The Gannon community has access to a systematic set of campus-wide, cross-departmental initiatives that are building an international culture on campus and preparing students to become global citizens. These Global Possibilities Are Provided By The Barker Globalization Institute, which contributes $100,000 to globalization of the curriculum. Ten faculty members are leading the Institute’s curriculum initiative by learning to globalize their courses and teaching other faculty members how to do the same. These lead faculty members taught the inaugural Barker Curriculum Initiative Summer Institute, where 11 additional faculty members participated with the goal of redesigning a course to incorporate global competency content and learning outcomes for students. Collectively, the 21 faculty members are working toward redesigning 31 global-infused courses.

New cooperative agreements were signed for the exchanges of faculty and students between Gannon University and institutions of higher learning on two continents. Exchanges of students, faculty and administrators will soon begin with Esslingen University of Applied Sciences in southern Germany, while a new credit-transfer program from the three-year engineering diploma programs at Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechnic to Gannon’s electrical engineering program was added to the curriculum. Gannon now has 11 cooperative agreements with universities worldwide. A

Gifts donated through the generosity of Gannon Trustees, alumni and partners provided students with $40,168 in scholarship opportunities for global experiences, while additional gifts totaling $23,275 were provided for faculty international exchanges and partnerships.



Focusing on both academics and accessibility, the Gannon: Inspired Faculty-Led Travel (GIFT) program was created to focus on the development of new and existing faculty-led travel courses, providing $5,000 scholarships for selected courses. Through these scholarships, two new programs and six existing travel courses led students and faculty to 10 domestic and international locations. In the 2015-16 year, newly developed GIFT courses will travel to 11 international locations. B

Sixty-six students and 14 facilitators in the University’s Transforming Residents Abroad Via Engaged Learning (T.R.A.V.E.L.) program visited three continents during seven trips. The groups spent a year together in intentional learning communities in Gannon residence halls, preparing for their journeys, studying the topic of their choice and learning about their destinations. Currently, eight trips are in formation for the 2015-16 Academic Year.

Many new and returning participants engaged in 2014-2015 Alternative Break Service Trips, including 18 student leaders, 56 student participants and 18 faculty/staff accompaniers. Collectively, participants traveled to nine locations, providing service to domestic and international communities, including Zambia, Detroit and Haiti. C



The University now offers seven online academic programs, enrolling 281 students. Fifty-six percent of these students are enrolled in Gannon Online Learning Degrees (GOLD). The total online enrollment has grown by approximately 50 students from Fiscal Year 2013-14 to Fiscal Year 2014-15.

Strategic Plan Measures: Goal Three

Initiative Success Measure Year One Result Year two result
Market and Delivery for Growth International Student Enrollment 420 596
Teaching and Engagement for Learning Study and Service Abroad Participation (Students, Faculty/ Staff) 138 222
Process Improvement for Institutional Effectiveness Student Retention 83% 84%
1This data was recorded as of September 2015.

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