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See what Gannon University President Keith Taylor, Ph.D., says about Fiscal Year 2013-2014 and the progress on Gannon's Strategic Plan.

With the close of Fiscal Year 2014 came the completion of Year One for Gannon University's 2013-2017 Strategic Plan, a year that was characterized by growth, change and undeniable success for the University. This past year, our Gannon University family members have flourished as leaders, motivating us to achieve our goals to foster innovation, engage in the community and develop a worldview.

The commitment to and engagement within the University have notably grown due to the work of our faculty and staff in transforming our academic curriculum and programs to be more globally relevant, and the learning enhanced by the infusion of technology and innovation. Student engagement in wellness, travel and faith development on campus and in our community also took a significant step forward in this first year of the plan. The support from our alumni, community partners and friends has reached record levels and is allowing Gannon to provide new opportunities for students, faculty and staff to develop together with expanded resources such as endowed scholarships, development funds and exchange programs.

The Gannon community has made great progress in increasing enrollment, inclusiveness, student retention and academic success in a very challenging market and a demanding time for higher education. This success must be attributed to all of those who have worked collaboratively and in good spirit, dedicated to our students and our University. There is much still to do, but this was a great first year toward achieving the four-year Strategic Plan goals.

Over this past year, the campus has undergone substantial change with the expansion of the Recreation and Wellness Center, building of the field house, Center for Business Ingenuity and Center for Communication and the Arts, the opening of the Forensic Investigation Center, and the creation of the Barker Globalization Institute, among many other new projects. Gannon University's very healthy growth provides the infrastructure for exceptional learning environments for our students as well as additional opportunities for the University to give back to our community, which has given so much in return. We are investing in the health and wellness of our students, faculty and staff to ensure that they engage in exceptional quality education and research now and into the future.

We can look back on Year One of the Strategic Plan with pride, in those around us who live our Gannon Mission every day and who have been instrumental in charting our course and launching out on the journey to achieve our goals. It has been a talented and passionate team that has made this year a success. Gannon University has adopted an entrepreneurial, forward-thinking mindset and strategy to build upon our traditions, Mission and organizational foundation. It is undoubtedly an exciting time to be a part of Gannon and it is with this mindset that the University will continue to foster innovation, engage in the community and develop our worldview. As we confidently transition into Year Two of the Strategic Plan 2013-2017, the Gannon University family can continue to believe... in the possibilities.

Keith Taylor